Ecstatic Touch by Lara Kolesar.

"Moving Towards Fullness”
A woman’s event facilitated and guided by Lara Kolesar, creator of Ecstatic Touch.

What is this about?

On this night, just before the moon is full, we celebrate our female life force!
Just like savouring a ripe fruit, the day before its harvest, we enjoy the matured womanhood in ourselves. We slow down in gratitude for ‘HER’.
Her fullness, her grandeur, her wealth, her beauty.
We stop the pushing, the wanting, the doubting and welcome in our sensuality and lushness.
Our feminine hearts and bellies speak so clearly when we relax, drop in and surrender into our senses. Through moving, breathing and sounding, we tune into the intelligence of our bodies.
Through Ecstatic Touch we are given an opportunity to transform the blocks of our judgements, shame, guilt and fear into loving surrender and embodied wisdom. By being present to what is alive in the moment, you can get clear on what your next step is!
Allow yourself to be inspired and seen on this Almost Full Moon in this circle of women.

What to expect?

We will start in circle, where every woman can bring her voice in.
Then we all get into our bodies individualy through breath, sound and movement.
Finally, we pair up and get a taste of this rich Method of Ecstatic Touch, in which you can connect to your full female life force energy.

Who is Lara?

For the last 25 years, Lara has been exploring and creating new ways to support the body and translate its intelligence through touch, breath and movement.
She developed the Kolesar Body Knowledge Method for Pilates Instructors and now offers her latest creation, The Art of Ecstatic Touch, out of her passion for accessing the deep healing potential of the body when it's experienced as a temple of pleasure and devotion.
Lara combines her expertise in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Anatomy, Massage, Dance, Embodied Sensuality, and Personal Development to remind people of their body’s trustworthy wisdom. She is passionate about using touch and sensory intuition to remind us that love has purpose.

When, where, how ?

11/10/2019 , Bodywise Studio, kolmenstraat 1231, 3570 Alken
(100m walk from Alken Train station)
36€ or 3 credits (for bodywise members)
Booking via agenda

Dit is een Engelstalige workshop, waarbij vertaling is voorzien indien nodig/wenselijk.